Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Quick, hit record

I hope the advertising people for Hillary and Barack have got their Tivos rolling today to capture the images from the White House. John MCain is heading there for a lunch with George W. Bush and to receive his endorsement now that McCain has wrapped up the GOP nomination.

In the upcoming general election, whoever the Democratic nominee turns out to be should tie McCain to ol' Mr. 20 percent popularity and hang Boy George around his neck like a giant incompetent albatross.

Bush will work his usual magic and drag McCain's tired old ass down - just like he's dragged down the U.S. economy, our standing in the world, and every failed business he ran before his daddy finally bought him the governorship of Texas and started him on his distinguished public career.


pilgrimchick said...

It surprised me at first that McCain was "receiving" this endorsement from Bush in the "Rose Garden" in a small setting with the press and no one else. Then, it hit me--of course, because the Bush seal of approval isn't exactly popularity-boosting now, is it?

Anonymous said...

I saw it on TV and you got the feeling John McCain wanted to not even be there! He was mad there were cameras in the Rose Garden I think! lol

Anonymous said...

Lets see the commercials with Bush in them, then we will know.

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