Monday, March 10, 2008

Puzzle me this, Batman

Here's the thing I don't understand about the Spitzer case: why does a guy who is governor of a state pay for sex?

Never mind that this sort of thing is always eventually going to come out - especially when you've made your political bones fighting Wall Street shenanigans. You just know those big financial companies have private eyes trolling for dirt on all their enemies.

But when you think of guys who patronize hookers you think of some poor fat schlub with no social skills who can't get any any other way.

But the governor of New York? There must be drop dead gorgeous women throwing themselves at him every time he is at a function. What the hell was he thinking?

Such a bizarre world we live in.


Anonymous said...

Why do these men have to cheat on their wives to begin with???

Anonymous said...

he probably didn't want to risk an attachment to having a regular girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

I feel really bad for his kids. Can you imagine your father is governor of NY one day and the next day he's busted for going to a prostitute and resigns?

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