Friday, March 21, 2008

Newspaper war

As a news junkie, I always enjoy a good newspaper war.

Unfortunately there are few cities left in the country that actually have more than one daily newspaper in their markets. New York, Boston, Chicago, Philly and the Twin Cities are probably about it these days.

Here in New York, The Post and Daily News love to take shots at each other, although the Times sort of floats above them, barely acknowledging the tabs. And Chicago has one of the better ones between The Tribune and The Sun-Times.

So when the Tribune's billionaire owner Sam Zell said he might sell naming rights to Wrigley Field, beloved home of the Tribune-owned Cubs, the Sun-Times saw a chance to tweak their bigger cross-town rival and held a contest seeking homemade music videos from readers blasting the plan.

The Tribune jumped at the opportunity to have some fun, had an intern enter the contest, and she ended up winning the Sun-Times prize. They even got a chance to take a dig at their boss, Zell, in the video. Pretty cute.

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Anonymous said...

haha that girl doesn't even sing in that.

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