Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank you, George Bush

Thank you for your incompetent, amateurish, chuckle-headed stewardship of the once-mighty U.S. economy, formerly the strongest on the planet, and now basically a second-world, debtor nation:

NEW YORK -- "Euros Only" reads a handmade sign in Billy's Antiques & Props on East Houston Street in Manhattan. But that's really just an attention grabber. Actually, owner Billy Leroy explains, the store will accept Canadian dollars and British pounds, and U.S. dollars, too.

Leroy is one of a small but growing group of New York merchants in tourist-favored neighborhoods such as SoHo, the East Village and Times Square who have begun to accept the euro and other foreign currencies.

With the dollar near its lowest rate ever against the euro and the numbers of international tourists in New York at all-time highs, some store owners figure accepting the euro offers a convenience to customers and sometimes generates a stockpile of a strong currency for themselves.


Remember when you could buy stuff in other countries with Yankee dollars, and merchants would be thrilled? Hell, a few years ago I bought some Singha beer in a bar in Phuket, Thailand and asked if they would take dollars instead of bahts, as I had run out of the local currency, and the owner practically had his 14-year-old daughter give me a blow job he was so delighted. (Surprisingly, I said no, by the way).

And now, we are happily accepting European currencies in our stores.

Way to go, George.

What's next? We sell our women folk to the rich tourists for chewing gum and nylons?


Anonymous said...

You said no because you were traveling with your gf! :)

Anonymous said...

High price antiques are nothing - there are pizza places in the Southwest that take Mexican pesos!

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