Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Politics schmolitics

Even though Tuesday was like a mini Super Bowl of the political world - well, at least the league championships - even I have to take a break from it sometimes, and what better way than with this great clip from the always adorable Sarah Silverman.

Her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel (I know!) has a running gag on his talk show where he pretends he's going to have Matt Damon on, but then says they ran out of time. So Sarah, who I first noticed on HBO's Larry Sanders show several years ago, and who has a hot little body, put this music video together. Very amusing.

And, ok, quickly about Tuesday - it was a good night for the Democrats. Either Hillary or Barack will be a great candidate. But as I tried to explain to one of my huskier and uncomprehending friends, it's hard to make a sensible prediction as to which one will be the Democratic nominee. It can go either way, and anyone who makes predictions right now is just puling guesses out of their ass, or saying the person they want to win - but they don't know.

But it looks like tired old John McCain will be the candidate of the GOP, even though the far right-wing nutjobs hate him. Which means it's likely to be another another Bob Dole election result come November. Haha.


Anonymous said...

TOO funny!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame her lol

Anonymous said...

Why do guys think she's hot? I dont get it??

Anonymous said...

His face when he's doing the hip hop dance part is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

She's got a nice name - but a bit of a horseface! hehe. Luv that video though.

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