Monday, February 04, 2008

A handyman I am not

Jeezus, I need a drink. I just changed a halogen bulb in one of my living room lamps and I'm ready to pass out.

First of all, they scare the crap out of you with the warnings all over the package about how dangerous the lamps and the bulbs are, and don't look directly into them, don't touch them with your fingers. Huh?

And it's not like standard lights where you simply screw out the old bulb and put in the new one. It's a long slender bulb that looks like it will snap if you look at it cross eyed, and you have to maneuver it gently in so that each end touches the receptacles on each side. I felt like I was performing a heart transplant.

I was definitely not born to do manual labor.


Anonymous said...

I will attest to he fact that you are nit a handyman!! lol

Anonymous said...

Halogen lights look so much better but they are a pain in the ass when you need to put in a new bulb.

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