Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Giants win the pennant!

Woohoo. I'm glad New York won, but I swear, the sports fanatics get annoying. Although they are something to observe - like creatures in a lab experiment.

I got home a little while ago and now (at 11:15 pm) there are still people on the streets cheering and woohooing and blowing car horns and even some fireworks being set off. And the game has been over for a while now.


Granted, a lot of the noise is spillover from the knuckle dragging frat bar crowd of Blondie's and Pat O'Briens, but really. I always want to ask these people: so how exactly does your life improve now with this win? What's going to change tomorrow?

You see them on the TV bites cheering: "We're #1, we're the champs, we won." Hah, no you're not. No you didn't.

The Giants won. You're not getting even a tiny little cut of the multimillion dollars of prize and endorsement money.

But it is interesting to watch the sheer idolizing these sports fanatics have for their teams, members of whom - I hate to break the news to them - wouldn't take the time to piss on their hair if it was on fire.

Am I the last sensible person left in America? Well, yes. But still.


Anonymous said...

haha I was in the middle of it. What a zoo!

Anonymous said...

People get excited when their team wins but they can overdo it I guess lol

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