Friday, February 15, 2008

eMars and eVenus

Google commissioned Nielsen Online to conduct a study on people's attitudes regarding e-mail and found there are differences between men and women about what they considered acceptable and unacceptable online behavior.

For instance: Twenty seven percent of women in the survey admitted to snooping through other people's e-mail accounts, while only 21 percent of men said they'd done that. Men, though, were far more ready to set up "secret" e-mail accounts -- 17 percent of fellas in the survey admitted to that, while only 9 percent of women said they had accounts on the side. (Some people in long-term relationships defied this behavior: One in four married people say they keep joint e-mail accounts.)

Jennifer Grant, a product marketing manager at Google, says that the survey suggests men are more comfortable than women in sending certain personal messages over e-mail. Men, for example, are more likely to have asked someone on a date over e-mail -- 26 percent versus 16 percent of women -- and to have broken up over e-mail. A third of male respondents consider break-up e-mails OK e-mail etiquette, while only a one-seventh of female respondents thought so.

Men were also more likely than women to have sent regrettable e-mail messages while drunk. Women, though, were more likely to send chain e-mail forwards.
- Machinist

Of course we have secret email accounts. The damn girls are snooping in ours!

I've never drunk emailed, though. Drunk texting is a different story, however, but what the hell, after a few Jack & Cokes they're usually unreadable anyway.


Anonymous said...

If a guy ever broke up with me by EMAIL!! I would be devestated. How can guys think that is ok to do??

Anonymous said...

lol Megster I would kill a guy who broke up with me online!

Anonymous said...

email snooping? Grounds for dismissal!

Anonymous said...

Guys and girls think very differently megster.

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