Monday, February 11, 2008

Compassionate conservatism at work

Visiting the scene of the devastation after tornadoes ravaged parts of the South last week, George W. Bush stopped in to speak to survivors there and said these comforting words:

"We're sorry you're going through what you're going through.

You know, life sometimes is, uh, you know, is unfair, and you don't get to play the hand that you wanted to play. But, the question is, when you get dealt the hand, how do you play it?

And I've come away with this impression of the folks of Macon County. One, you're down-to-Earth, good, hard-working people. They have a respect for the Almighty, and this community's going to be as strong as ever. That's what I think."

"Life is unfair." Yep.

Translation: "So, you know, fuck you that you're too poor. Now if you were born into the Bush family, if a natural disaster hits one of our many homes, we have the resources to easily get the hell out of the way. We can play that hand."

Of course, that's basically what he and his government and political party also said to the people of New Orleans after Katrina hit. Who knows why those lazy welfare queens didn't just scoot on over to their Kennebunkport compound or Texas ranch to wait out the storm.

And the invocation of the "almighty" always fascinates me whenever there is a horrible tragedy. The people who survive usually make sure you know they prayed to Baby Jesus, and I guess the implication is that's what saved them.

Of course, wouldn't God have caused the tornado in the first place? And what about all those people who were killed in the storms. Did God just give a big Fuck You to them?

The holy rollers never explain that part when they are singing hosannas.


Anonymous said...

lol and he couldn't even say it using a normal English sentence!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the people standing around with their house in rubble at their feet felt comforted to hear the pres. of the US tell them that sometimes you get dealt a bad hand!

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