Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Too soon?

Is this wrong?

I have a friend who is on assignment today staking out the Brooklyn apartment of Michele Williams, who was the girlfriend of Heath Ledger.

We were supposed to have a happy hour tonight, but he emailed me this morning saying he was out there, wasn't sure when he'd get back to Manhattan, and had been there since 6 am on this chilly day so might not be in any condition to go out.

I told him not to worry about it, and added: "Hey now that she's available tell her you've got a cute single friend in the city if she's looking to get back into the scene."

He was not amused.

You know, people, you have to laugh to get through the tears.


Anonymous said...

Yes soooo wrong on so many levels! :)

Anonymous said...

That's terrible!

Anonymous said...

Haha but I think they had already broken up??

Not a hipster said...

Yes, they broke up last August or September, depending on the source. It's very sad. My niece's mom died when she was only four, and she's nine now. She doesn't really remember her, so I doubt Matilda will remember Heath, since she's only two years old. I was honestly shocked when I found out yesterday.

Anonymous said...

It is shocking. Almost as shocking as finding out that Not a Hipster knows the name of the baby - apparently someone likes their celebrity gossip magazines! :)

Anonymous said...

He was really cute and I hear he was a really nice guy too. Shame on you jbk with your joke!!! :)

Not a hipster said...

Marcus, it's been all over the news, how could you NOT know? But, um...yes, I do read celebrity gossip. :)

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