Monday, January 28, 2008

Prioritize, people

A friend called me today to ask if I was going to an upcoming party we had both been invited to. (I'm so magnetic, people plan their party-going decisions as to whether I will be there.)

Anyway, about 10 seconds into the call his other line rang and he took it, and was away for about 3 or 4 minutes. Of course, I was fuming.

When he got back I was yelling, "Dude, you called me and then put me on hold for another call?"

It reminded me of nothing so much as when I've been at a store dealing with the cashier and the phone rings and they take the call and start answering questions and leave me standing there like a schmo the whole time.

Why does some lazy slob on the phone, who is probably sitting at home in his underwear, get any priority over a live customer in the store?

So annoying.


Anonymous said...

The store things is annoying. It's like you become invisible when they're talking to someone else on the phone.

Anonymous said...

I used to work in retail - they tell you to do that because they figure if you're standing in line they already have you as a customer but if you're on the phone they still have to get you to buy something.

Anonymous said...

How about when there's three of them standing around the sales floor talking and none asks you if you need any help when you're really looking for something. But when you're just browsing they seem to come right over and bug you. It's like they know when to bug you! lol

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