Monday, January 14, 2008

The Peabody Awards were more exciting

I'm flipping around the channels Sunday and came across the Goden Globe awards - except, not really. Because of the ongoing writer's stike, there was no awards ceremony and they just had C-level personalities standing at a podium in an empty studio announcing the winners in each category.


Do they honestly think we really care who actually won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress? We want to see the stars, the slutty gowns, who looks bad, who looks good. Especially at the Globes, which bring together movie and TV stars and pours booze into them during the award ceremony.

Memo to Hollywood execs: settle the strike soon. If the Oscars are going to be like this too, you've got a disaster on hand.


Anonymous said...

haha I watched 5 minutes of it - it was so lame!

Anonymous said...

Did the stars even show up? No wonder no one watched this.

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