Tuesday, January 08, 2008

On the positive side of global warming...

...it was another beautiful day for a post-lunch walk around my beloved Central Park today (64 degrees according to the handy Weather Channel website on my Q).

It was crowded, but it's funny how relative it all is. If we woke up one morning in July and it was 64, we would be scrambling for sweaters and figuring the Earth had spun off its axis and was heading out toward Pluto.

The stroll (around the reservoir, down the West Side to Tavern on the Green, over to the East Side and back uptown) gave me time to ponder what people have been asking me lately: who I want to win the Democratic nomination, who I will vote for.

Well, I will happily pull the lever for any of the Democratic candidates come November - Obama, Hillary, Edwards (although he annoys me a little - and I think, sad to say, it's just that damn Southern accent), even Biden or Dodd, who sadly never caught fire and dropped out, would have been excellent presidents.

I was leaning toward Hillary, and still am, but Obama is growing on me.

The point is, this year, the Dems have a great team of A-level candidates, and the party faithful is happy with the choices - as opposed to the Republicans, who are in disarray, disjointed, confused and unmotivated with the Seven Dwarfs who ran on their side. So sad. Such a pity.

Their front runner, Rudy, is collapsing, and let's face it, there is no way the Southern, Bible-thumping yokels who play such a big part in that party, will vote for the godless, pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-gun control, thrice married, cross-dressing former mayor of Sodom on the Hudson.

They also have trouble with Romney because he doesn't pray to the same Baby Jesus as they do - who knew?

They don't really like or trust McCain, but they would probably vote for him if he's the nominee, and he might just pull it out this time around now that the sleazy Bush dirty tricks machine, which destroyed him in the 2000 GOP South Carolina primary, seems to be laying low, and may even be working for him this campaign (there is no honor in politics).

Somebody has to wake Thompson up from his nap and tell him he hasn't exactly caught fire and can now go back to playing the folksy sidekick in TV shows and movies, but no-one wants Uncle Jed from the Beverly Hillbillies with his finger on the button.

Huckabee is the reverse situation of Rudy. The Bible-thumpers love him but the GOP establishment doesn't. They like using the yokels for their votes, but too much of the God stuff makes the country club, Wall Street Republican crowd nervous.

And on top of it all, the nation's economy is slowing badly, the real estate market (which is where most Americans have most of their assets tied up) is tanking, the war in Iraq is grinding on, even though the fucking media seems determined to ignore it, and people think the country is on the wrong track.

The GOP got their collective asses handed to them in the 2006 Congressional elections, and, if things stay as they are, they will likely lose the White House in '08. Then President Hillary or President Obama can get some good things done.

Of course, when Republicans are cornered they are like rabid animals: they fight dirty, they fight desperately, they fight sleazy, they excel in mean-spirited attacks - so who knows. But let's keep our fingers crossed.

And that's my walk in the park report for today.


Obob said...

dude, they all fight dirty. The GOP just does with flair. The Clinton Machine is attempting to tear into Obama and it will fail. The candidates of all parties may eventually have to talk issues, gasp!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute obob, the Democrats actually have been talking "issues" - health care, Iraq, the economy - they all have positions on these issues. You may not agree with them but they're there. But the Republicans do tend to focus on things like someone's sex life or such nonsense. I would love nothing better if they talked about - gasp! - issues.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually surprised Fred Thompson didn't do better. I thought they would see him as another Ronald Reagan!

And obob I'm not actually too partisan, I've voted for Republicans before, but even I have to say the Republicans do usually fight dirtier. And when they talk about "issues" it's usually something they have made an issue, not something that really affects most people.

Anonymous said...

Why do Democrats always whine about dirty fighting? That's how you win, my friend, that's how Bush won - Americans want someone who will fight and win, not be nice.

Obob said...

the funny part will be South Carolina when Fred is supposed to start running. That's where the lesbian affair Hillary with an aide is coming from. Ed Rollins, Huckleberry's campaign guy, is going to come swinging as well.
I was being a touch sarcastic and I have voted for all three major parties as well. I will never vote for Burton my Rep in DC for calling Clinton a "scumbag." Bad form for my representative.
Of course all of them have talked issues, there is meat out there. But wait for the slo-mo deep voiced commercial in black and white. That's a clue it's be a typical negative.
CNN did a good special on those. It is a delicate art.

Anonymous said...

About those slo-mo negative ads, obob, the sad thing is they work! People who don't pay a lot of attention to politics, which is probably most average people, watch them with the pictures that make the other candidate look like a criminal and the announcer with the ominous voice and they believe what they are selling.

J said...

My gal won! Then again, my guy came in a close second, so it's a good night for democracy all around. Oh, and McCain won on the R side. What's he, 108?

Anonymous said...

I like Hillary but I will vote for Obama too. I dont really know too much about John Edwards but will prob. vote for him if he wins.

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