Thursday, January 03, 2008

Delusional as usual

I've seen some twittering on the right-wing blogs lately, ecstatic that some mainstream Hollywood movies, “Knocked Up,” and, more recently, “Juno,” (and, by the way, how cute is Ellen Page) feature single women who get unexpectedly pregnant and decide to have the baby anyway.

The right-wingers seem to think this is somehow indicative of a swing in the country's zeitgeist, that it's now perhaps turning against choice.

Can I just point out a salient fact?

Yes, in both of those films the woman indeed chooses to have the baby.

But in neither case is she pressured one way or the other.

She chooses.

Chooses. Choice. Chooses. Choice.

Get it?

Just because someone is pro-choice doesn't mean they necessarily believe a woman should have an abortion if they get pregnant without planning.

But we would sort of like the woman to have the choice.

You know, it might be easier if the terminology was changed to the realistic.

Instead of calling it “being pro-life” how about calling it “being in favor of forcing a woman to turn her body into a nine-month incubator of a child she doesn't want and probably can't afford and then has to have a somewhat dangerous surgery to give birth even though she didn't really want to.”

Maybe that would be better.

All I know is, if the government told me I had to have my tonsils out, even though I didn't need to, I would be a little p.o.'d.

But, hey, gals, you can vote Republican in 2008 and not have to worry your pretty little heads about what to do with your body.

Leave it up to President Huckabee. Or McCain. Or Romney.

Rudy might let you keep control of your womb, but who knows.


Anonymous said...

"Knocked UP" was cute but I haven't seen "Juno" yet.

Anonymous said...

Ellen Page was the girl in "Hard Candy." She's not really 14 though but she looks like it.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh yes please please let those men have control over my body! lol

Anonymous said...

you compared me to abortion? ssttttrrreeeeettttccccchhhhhhhh.

and a bad one at that

Anonymous said...

But the man in the dress has no chance of winning! :)

J said...

Listen my husky right-wing friend: tonsils, appendix, a nose job, giving birth - whatever the procedure - the point is the sheer gall of having an involuntary medical procedure forced on you, the government legislating a woman to do something to her body that she doesn't want.

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