Sunday, January 06, 2008

“But how the hell can a person/go to work in the morning/can come home in the evening/and have nothing to say?”

This is actually a pretty depressing song about an empty life (the song writer, John Prine, says when he wrote it, he imagined it about a 48-year-old Alabama woman who was trapped in a loveless marriage) but I like this version because I've met two of the people in the video (Bonnie Raitt, no less, and Bruce Hornsby) on separate occasions.

Thank you.

Now go to work. Don't be depressed. Ignore those flies in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Which one is Bruce Hornsby??

Anonymous said...

Megster, the guy playing the accordian.

Anonymous said...

Always loved that song but it's suicidal! lol

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