Friday, January 11, 2008

And they all look the same too

"It is fitting that New Hampshire should have turned on a tear or an aside. The Democratic primary campaign has been breathtakingly empty. What passes for substance is an absurd contest of hopeful change (Obama) vs. experienced change (Clinton) vs. angry change (John Edwards playing Hugo Ch¿vez in English)."
- Columnist Charles Krauthammer

What are the right-wingers sniffing these days?

The Democratic campaign has been empty?

Every single one of the candidates has a detailed policy plan on everything from health care to energy use to dealing with the faltering economy. Hillary is famous - and often criticized by a shallow media - for being wonkish and overly detailed in her speeches. Hell, even the Dem candidates who dropped out recently - Biden and Dodd especially - had policy plans up the wazoo.

Perhaps Krauthammer - even his name says right-wing nutjobbery - should take a look at his own party if he wants to see some real empty rhetoric.

As usual it's god, guns and gays among the GOP candidates. If they're not bashing Hillary, they're exhuming Ronald Reagan's corpse to fellate its wrinkled peep. They mutter meaningless claptrap about how well the Iraq war is going. They rant about building a fence on the southern border, because, you know, that will bring back those jobs lost in the automobile and electronics industries.

Have you seriously heard a Republican candidate propose one thing they will do if they are elected that will benefit your life or the country?

And this clown is trying to claim it's the Democrats who are running an empty campaign? It's to laugh.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this guy on Fox (he's in a wheelchair if it's the one I'm thinking of.) He's pretty nasty so that column doesn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Peep? lol

Not a hipster said...

"If they're not bashing Hillary, they're exhuming Ronald Reagan's corpse to fellate its wrinkled peep."

That might be one of the funniest things you've said.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget - abortion abortion abortion!!!

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