Thursday, January 10, 2008

Am I that magnetic?

Ok, don't answer that, but why in hell do people, and I mean total strangers, feel compelled to interact with me so much in public?

I was running out this morning to do some errands and it felt a little chillier that what it's been the last few days. Not cold, but brisker, so I put on a jacket. Not one of those ridiculous puffy winter coats that some folks like to wear – you're on the 6 train, not a ski slope, idiot - but just a nice classic Timberlane field jacket.

As I was heading down the hallway on my floor, there was a woman about to ring the doorbell on an apartment close to the elevator. The owner is a psychiatrist and has a home office in her apartment, which is not really allowed, but our co-op board is pretty lax. And I can't really complain as I do work from my place too. (Although, of course, all I do is use a computer, like everyone else in America, not have crazy people coming to visit me. Well, not professionally anyway. )

I digress.

So this woman – she looked like a typical Upper East Side yenta – said, and I quote: “Oh, I was looking at your coat. I guess you're not too overdressed, but it's really not that cold out there.”

What the fuck?

Why did she feel the need for that? Why did she feel the need to talk to me at all? Frankly, if I was going into a shrink's office, I would be avoiding eye contact with anyone – not unlike when my friends go to strip clubs and peep shows on 8th Avenue. They scurry in there in shame.

Anyway, the point is: who are these people who like talking to strangers?

And I've bitched about this one before, but I know it will happen again tonight. I'm going to my favorite UES restaurant. I like to treat myself there once a week to a lovely meal, an amusing little pinot noir or three. I sit at the bar, read my Daily News, and just like to be left alone. Maybe a little friendly banter with the bartender to keep the buy backs going but that's it. It's my downtime, I do it every week, and I hate when I have to miss it.

But inevitably, even though I get there fairly early in the evening not long after the place opens, and usually have the bar to myself for the first hour or so, some schmo will come in, walk past 20 empty barstools and SIT RIGHT NEXT TO ME!

Who does that? Hell, I go out of my way to avoid sitting next to someone if there are empty seats available.

What is wrong with you people? Ugh.


Anonymous said...

and how did your Timberlake field jacket look.

Did it bring sexy back?

Anonymous said...

The worst is when they sit next to you on the subway even when there is plenty of room and "bump" their leg up against you - ugh is right!

Anonymous said...

The guy slips up... then corrects... then lies about it....


it may work on you Democrats but not down here in God's country!

Anonymous said...

That is a strange thing to say to anyone especially a stranger, but if she's going into a psych.'s office maybe she was just nervous and trying to make conversation?

Anonymous said...

Wow grumpy!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Haha no wonder that women was going to a shrink maybe she's being treated for having no internal censoring of her thought process!

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