Saturday, December 15, 2007

A slow motion human train wreck

It is fascinating, and really tragic, to watch some of these slow-motion train wrecks of performers who have the world on a string and throw it away.

Here in the U.S., we have Britney and Lindsay of course, now more known for their druggy/boozy/party antics than their talent. I would include Paris Hilton in the list, but, really, what else is she famous for? Winning the gene pool lottery and being born a Hilton? Giving what looks like a decent bob job? Most girls in NY can do that. (Although, inevitably I seem to find some who can't.) I digress.

But in the UK they have Amy Winehouse who makes Lindsay Lohan look like a PriceWaterhouse accountant.

Watching her deterioration over the scant few years she's been in the public eye is just sad. She's been in and out of rehab, misses shows, cancels tours, has performed clearly high on TV programs, and is involved in all sorts of wacky, zoned out public episodes, including being seen once doing a bump of cocaine on stage.

She was never a great beauty, but in the early clips she's presentable enough in that sultry Jewish way I enjoy. Now, shes emaciated, tattooed, and a freaking mess. The photo in the Brit tabloid The Sun was taken just a week or so ago when she was spotted wandering alone in the middle of a freezing night in London, barefoot, mumbling and wearing just a bra and pants.

I always wonder where the agents or managers or – hell – parents of these 20-something girls are, why they aren't sitting them down and saying, “You're not only throwing away a huge career, you're going to die unless you stop this shit.” It's probably my giant ego, but if I had control of them for a month, I would have them turned around. I like control.

Anyway, the first clip is Amy when she was just starting out, she appeared on a show on the UK's Channel 4, and is singing a great old Dinah Washington tune, and looks healthy and cute even. (She's 21 in this clip, the perfect girl age, of course).

Then one of her first big hits was her own “F Me Pumps,” a great title and concept for a song. For some reason, in this video, they bleep out a lyric about doing E, which is probably the least of her worries.

Then, in what might be the most perfect match ever for a performer and song, she's singing another of her own compositions, “Rehab”

The last clip is just a few seconds of a common sight at one of her live shows now, when she manages to stand up, she's slurring her words and drinking on stage. Oy, what a mess. She turned 24 in September. Who knows if she will make 25. What a waste of a good voice and song writer.


Anonymous said...

She is a mess. She's way more talented than Brittney or Lindsay but she's in way worse shape.

Anonymous said...

F Me Pumps is great.

Anonymous said...

Ok, she might make 25 but unless she changes I don't think she'll make 30!

Anonymous said...

What a difference from the first video to the last.

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