Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random thoughts #27


Please don't.

That's to even more tourists thinking of coming to NYC for Christmas to see the lights and the fancy store window displays and the big tree.

I had to go into midtown on Tuesday, and, in a bizarre spirit of holiday generosity, called my friend Sarah to meet me for drinks and appetizers at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant on 54th Street after she got out of work. We were hoping to see him yell at some staff, but, alas, did not. (Ridiculously overpriced, by the way. I had a mini burger for $16, Sarah had a BLT for 14 bucks. Both were amazingly good, but you are sure paying for the ambiance and the name. And don't even ask what wine costs.)

Anyway, I passed through Rockefeller Center to get over there from Third. What a mistake. What a zoo. What a claustrophobia-inducing, touristy nightmare.

I have never seen so much annoying humanity milling around, cooing at the sights and taking pictures. Ugh.


And the job she has done with Kristen Stewart.

I got talked into watching “The Messengers” on Starz. Apparently, one of the guys from “Sex and the City” was in it, and, of course, that's a perfect reason to watch a horror movie, don't you know.

Anyway, the girl in it looked very familiar but we couldn't figure from where, so I IMDB'd her. It turns out it was the same girl who played Jodie Foster's daughter in "Panic Room,” which was five years ago, who knew.

Well, let me just say, she has turned out very well. She's 17 now, almost 18, the perfect girl age. Has no boobs to speak of, but great cheekbones and looks amazing in a pair of jeans. I'm now convinced I'm a leg and butt guy.


We all have little skills that go unrecognized. One of mine is loading a dishwasher. I amaze myself at the multitude of dishes I can load into my dishwasher simply by rearranging pots and bowls on the different levels. (I have the same ability with my freezer, loading boxes upon boxes of Omaha Steak goodies into it that you would never think could all fit in there.)

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

$16 for a burger? You people are crazy!

Anonymous said...

I saw The Mesesngers when it was playing in the movies. What a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

lol you're nuts how hard is it to load a dishwasher???

Anonymous said...

I've been to Gordon Ramsey's too. Way way overpriced but it's nice for a special occasion. But it better be REALLY special! :)

Anonymous said...

Butt and legs man..HELL YEAH! me too bro..all I'm gonna say..ah yeah, and check this beauty out in Twilight, her looks alone made the chick-flick worth while.

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