Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The chickens are coming home to roost

Some of the Republican candidates are getting upset that they are being questioned about their religious beliefs. Mike Huckabee, who has vaulted to the top tier in the Iowa GOP caucuses, bristled at an NPR interview recently which brought up his stated belief in creationism - and subsequent disbelief in evolution - and yesterday, according to an AP report, "expressed frustration that he is asked about it so often, arguing with the questioner that it ultimately doesn't matter what his personal views are."

Mitt Romney, who had been leading in Iowa until recently, is facing a lot of skepticism among the Christian base that makes up a big part of the GOP because of his Mormonism. In fact, he's been forced to schedule a speech Thursday to try to alleviate fears and address the issue - like JFK had to do some decades ago as the first (and so far only) Catholic president.

The difference is JFK had to face religious bigotry because he was not one of the usual crowd. The U.S., until he came along, had only been governed by Protestants. There was a fear there would be some sort of Vatican influence, and he had to assure the yokels his religion would not affect his presidency.

Today, the Republican candidates have no one to blame but themselves. They have enabled the ongoing bigotry. They spend so much time invoking Little Baby Jesus to rail against gays and abortion, they have created a powerful right-wing Christian, Bible-thumping block to which they have to curry favor.

But now they don't like it when their wacky theories are challenged by the press, or their not-quite Christian faith is being used against them by that very Christian base.

I believe it was the Lord himself who said: What goes around, comes around, suckas.


Anonymous said...

The best part is Jesus wouldn't want to be a Republican if he was here today!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about me, saucy...

Hmmmm. Saucy chooses to talk about Britney when Bill Clinton says he was "always" against Iraq. He goes with the Bloodhounds of Broadway when the lefty lunatics at CNN tried pulling a fast one on the Republican debate and Louis Armstrong on the Q when Hilary is complaining about some very "right" poll results.

Saucy is losing his touch... losing it!!!

ps. You are right Severin, Jesus would want to be a leftwing nut so he could support abortion and the godless ACLU.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, please keep me out of this.

Anonymous said...

Romney seems very phony, even for a politician!

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