Monday, November 26, 2007

What the @&^$*?

I know conservative Republicans - and Southerners - are from a different world than I am, but, seriously, sometimes it's hard to believe they live in this country, in this century.

The Washington Post did a story over the weekend about how former Ark. governor Mike Huckabee is surprising many people with his strong campaign, and how he might give Mitt Romney a run for the money in the GOP's Iowa caucuses. The Post reports even his own campaign staff has been caught unprepared at his surge in the polls, noting:

His Iowa state director is in Costa Rica hunting snakes over the Thanksgiving weekend and will not return to the state until tomorrow.

What the fuck?

Hunting snakes?

Who are these people? And why do they have any power in this country at all?


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's for the snake handling the southerners do!!? :)

Anonymous said...

Is he St. Patrick?

Anonymous said...

LOL don't blame the South! I don't know ANYONE who goes snake hunting!?

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