Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Verizon comes through

A stroll around Central Park on a brisk sunny day, listening to Louis Armstrong on the Q (do you know, some people don't have phones with which you can listen to music!) and taking pictures like this shot of the reservoir with it too, all while conducting an email argument with my friend Corky.

Who needs the iPhone, even if it does become available on Verizon.

And they corrected their aforementioned New Every Two error and gave me a $20 credit for my trouble.


Anonymous said...

Its not an argument if you are completely wrong. ha

Anonymous said...

Did you have to get a replacement phone at any time? They sometimes will try to sneak in a new contract start date if you do that and most people will never notice.

J said...

You know, Corky, it's not an argument when one side (me) totally dominates. It was more like a schooling for you.

Anonymous said...

Stop argueing! But nice picture! :)

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