Thursday, November 08, 2007

Teenage Jewish lesbian? Yum

Since questions arose about the singer in the bus incident post – that scene actually wasn't my crosstown bus, you know – it was, of course Lesley Gore, everyone's favorite teenage Jewish lesbian singer of the pop bubblegum era.

Of course, at her peak (in the 1960s) they didn't go out of their way to tell America she was Jewish, and certainly not that she was gay.

Her first big hit came when she was only 16 with “It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To,” (she was still a junior at high school in Englewood when the song hit #1) and this video (“You Don't Own Me”) was when she was 17. And the song's concept was fairly radical for girls in those days, so good for her.

As regular Too Saucy readers know, I love the Jewish girls, and (like all guys) the lesbians. Well, throw in teengirldom and you've got a threefer with Lesley.

Also, it looks like you could land an airplane on that hair. (Of course, don't forget, she is from Jersey.)


Anonymous said...

aaargh! why do guys love lesbians?? lol

Anonymous said...

She looks evil!!

Anonymous said...

That's my new theme song! :)

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