Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shouldn't they all be honoring that damn strike?

I took a little stroll up to the Park this afternoon and passed three - no exaggeration, three - TV or movie productions on my way.

There was that "Sex and the City" movie that seems to have been filming forever. There was "Gossip Girl" - I was hoping to see that hot blonde girl, but alas, no such luck. And there was something called "Ghost Town," which I have no idea what it is.

One of them was filming a winter scene in front of one of those great Fifth Avenue apartment buildings and had covered the trees and bushes in white. It didn't really look too realistic in person, but I guess it will on camera.

I know some people get all excited at this Hollywood East stuff, but it gets annoying with these crews taking up much of the street when you're trying to pass. And, of course, the asshole PAs strut around like they're DiNiro.


Anonymous said...

Gossip Girl?

Anonymous said...

The blonde is Serena.

pilgrimchick said...

Wow. No kidding. That is an unheard-of part of the landscape out here, no surprise.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Chase? MMmm! :)

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