Thursday, November 29, 2007

Say again, CNN?

Like the political nerd I am, I watched the CNN-You Tube Republican debate Wednesday night.

Putting aside the general loony tune qualities of all the GOP candidates (the whole God, Guns and Gays wackiness) I have to ask about a pet peeve -- what the hell is up with CNN and its audio team?

Once again, portions of the sound were just not there. And it's not the first time I've seen this on CNN - on the last debate they sponsored, the same thing happened.

Now I realize when airing a live, on-location event things are not as controlled as they are in a studio, but these are big-time, national debates. They've been scheduled for months. I know lots of prep goes into them. So why does CNN have bad audio problems so frequently - mics not turned on when a candidate is speaking, or the sound cutting out on a hand mic with an audience member?

Say what you will about Fox, and I hate their politics, but they seem to do a better job producing these things.


Unknown said...

Easy on the CNN team. While I was not there in Florida I do work for CNN. There are always going to be a few problems when you are on a remote but to say Fox is better the us is not true. Fox had bars on the air while they were in the studio in NY a few weeks ago. This lasted for several minutes.

I am offened by your comments and they will not be tolereted. However, you can by me a Jack/Coke and I will forgive you.

Anonymous said...

The way they start their debates is weird. The candidates are coming out on the stage and the anchors are speaking to each other in a whisper as if they're doing play-by-play at a golf game!

J said...

Calm down, Eric. I noted that some leeway has to be given you guys in a live, on-location shoot. But since you already owe me about 8 drinks, that Jack & Coke ain't happening.

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