Monday, November 26, 2007

Pet peeve #27

I'm begging the people who do the promos teasing the upcoming episode of a TV show - stop. Please stop.

They do one of two things that invariably pisses me off.

They will either show all the best moments of the program, the funniest jokes in a sit-com, the most shocking or suspenseful moments in a mystery, and basically spoil the best parts.

And, with a mystery/suspense program, they will frequently edit it so misleadingly that it seems to be the opposite of what actually happens.

Case in point, the Showtime program, Dexter, about the serial killer who is also a member of the Miami PD.

So I'm settling down to watch it last night, brandy in hand (I always like a nice glass of brandy when watching this show) and a promo runs as the episode begins.

And by the way, that's another annoying thing. I can see airing it at the end of an episode to tease next week, or even running one a day or so before it airs to remind you to watch. But just as the show begins? Ugh.

Well, the promo makes it look like Dexter has finally been caught, his hidden life and dark secret discovered. It shows FBI agents showing up at his door, demanding he come with them. You hear his voiceover saying, "This is it." You see him being escorted forlornly into the PD headquarters, with other cops looking suspiciously at him.

Of course, it turned out to be nothing of the sort. The FBI mistakenly thinks the serial killer they have been looking for is Sgt. Doakes, Dexter's arch-nemesis, who has always been suspicious of him. They were bringing Dexter in to do blood analysis (his job in the PD) on samples they found in Doakes' car (which were actually Dexter's).

Either way they play it, these promos are annoying. So stop it, Showtime. Ok? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

LOL why would you drink brandy watching a show about a serial killer???

Anonymous said...

I love Dexter too! He's evil but in a good way! :)

Anonymous said...

JBK - relax buddy.

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