Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just another typical MTA bus ride

I met my friend Sarah at the west side Rosa Mexicana by Lincoln Center on Tuesday. Not that we were going to the ballet or anything so cultural, but she works over in that neighborhood and I, of course, walk miles and miles and miles every day, especially through the Park, so it was a good happy hour meeting place, which turned into dinner.

Well, several pomegranate margs, some filete con hongos and Chilean sea bass later (starting off with the table-made guacamole of course), we stumbled back to the east side, and, for some cheap reason, decided to take the 66th Street crosstown bus, which was conveniently stopped a block or so away when we left the restaurant.

Big mistake.

The bus was cut off by a car at CPW, jammed on its brakes, some of the people who were standing went flying (I smell lawsuits) and that meant the driver called an ambulance and the cops. What a fucking production. But more annoyingly, we had to stay on the bus for about 30 minutes until the paperwork was done.

Sarah was ready to pop the emergency exit to get off and I had to talk her out of that. A tipsy girl arguing with cops never works out so well. Let's just say it was not a happy crew when the bus emerged on the east side about an hour after we set out.

Luckily some girl started a sing along as we went through the Park, and, as you can see, it all got happier. (You can even see Sarah's blonde head bopping along over the girl's right shoulder. Ok, she clearly has no rhythm, but, in her defense, she was still pretty drunk at that point.)

It's nights like this that makes those monthly MetroCards worth it.


Anonymous said...

Who is that singing?

Anonymous said...

Haha I wasn't really going to open the window! And you were p.o.'d too by the way.

Anonymous said...

Jill G. that's Leslie Gore.

Anonymous said...

I've never had a ride like that on a crosstown bus! :)

Anonymous said...

I was on a subway once and someone slipped and it became a mess because you knew they were going to sue and they had to call the cops, and they stopped the train at the station and everybody had to wait. So disgusting and it probably happens every day.

Anonymous said...

hehe Sarah I can just picture that scene!:)

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