Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I saw that one coming

Gasp. What a shocker. “The Bachelor” did not pick either of the two finalists Monday night!

You know, when I tell my friends a little known fact and they ask how I knew it, I like to occasionally brag and say, “I know many things.”

Which is true, of course. But I really did see this one coming.

And knowing how these shows work, I guarantee you, that bachelor is going to be back in an upcoming season. If you read the online bulletin boards, ABC realizes they have a gold mine with that guy. Now, I'm not suggesting there was something fishy with the decision, or that he was told to do that, but let's just say the network probably wasn't too disappointed with how it turned out.

My reality show guide, my bud Sarah, was genuinely shocked at the outcome though. She was convinced it was going to be the girl who made lasagna on one of the dates, as that's her specialty too. She really thought it was an omen, God bless her.

I had to calm her down, which wasn't easy after we had polished off an amusing little Cugee Creek shiraz, let me tell you.

I'd like to say after the show ended, the conversation then turned to the unrest in Pakistan or the subprime mortgage crisis, but, no, for some reason it turned to Lindsay Lohan and how she has thrown her career away with the partying and the clubbing, up to the point where she has been fired from movies or admonished by producers for not showing up to work.

Then I gave Sarah my lecture: I thought LL was on the path to becoming a really accomplished star, as she was a pretty decent actress compared to most of the young Hollywood set, but unless she turns her life around, it's all sort of on hold, and now she's more known for her tabloid antics.

She actually could have been the Ann Margret of today, and even looks like her a little. But AM always kept it together, as seen in this great clip from her first big hit, “Bye Bye Birdie,” filmed when she was the perfect girl age of 22.

I have absolutely no musical skills at all, so it always amazes me when I see elaborate numbers like this in Broadway shows or in Hollywood movies – how the hell do those dancers remember those steps? Especially toward the end when they're “competing” it's fascinating. Not to mention, AM wears those capris pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Hah the "Bachelor" ending was very suspicious the way he started pacing around. I think it was anyway.

Anonymous said...

lol I didn't think he was going to pick Deanna just because she made lasagna you jerk! I just thought he was going to pick her. But I agree that they will brng Brad back in another season.

Anonymous said...

You cant take you eyes off her when she's on the screen.

Anonymous said...

He confronts the girls tonight in the final episode!

Anonymous said...

That's such a cute movie altho the guy who played Birdie couldn't sing! lol

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