Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A quarter of a million dollars?

In a review of Monday's debut of the Fox Business News Channel, The New York Times notes some of the stories covered by the new network.

Among them, one of the reporters "went down to Times Square to interview an entrepreneur of the day, the Naked Cowboy, a guitar-strumming singer who says he earns $250,000 a year serenading tourists in a cowboy hat and underpants, and much more in merchandising and record contracts."

What the fuck? $250,000 a year?

I've seen that goofy guy a million times when I pass through Times Square and always chuckle at the tourists surrounding him and snapping pictures.

I guess he's getting the last laugh.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm nauseous! lol

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY that guy makes that much money. But if he does I'm going to cry as I sit here trying to figure if I can skip the cable bill this month and risk getting it turned off.

Anonymous said...

hehe that guy is disgusting! I've seen tourists hug him and pose for pictures with their arms around him! What are they thinking? I wouldn't let him get within 10 feet near me!

Anonymous said...

I read a piece about him - I think he actually live in Jersey and comes into the city every day to be the Naked Cowboy! He's a commuter!! lol

Anonymous said...

Huh I'm skeptical about that number actually. Could he really make $5,000 a week?

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