Thursday, October 11, 2007

Please just make her go away

I have a friend, I won't mention her name as she might be ashamed now, who once actually expressed some perverted admiration for right-wing scumbag Ann Coulter.

Well, as reported by E&P, here's the latest piece of crap out of the mouth of the woman who once said she thought 9-11 widows were enjoying their fame too much:

Appearing on Donny Deutsch's CNBC show, "The Big Idea," on Monday night, columnist/author Ann Coulter suggested that the U.S. would be a better place if there weren't any Jewish people and that they had "perfected" themselves into -- Christians.

It led Deutsch to suggest that surely she couldn't mean that, and when she insisted she did, he said this sounded "anti-Semitic."

Asked by Deutsch regarding whether she wanted to be like "the head of Iran" and "wipe Israel off the Earth," Coulter stated: "No, we just want Jews to be perfected, as they say. ... That's what Christianity is. We believe the Old Testament."

The transcript from the interview is at the E&P link. It has to be read to be believed.

She really is human flotsam.


Anonymous said...

You know half the time she is just saying nonsense like this to get attention. And it works.

Anonymous said...

She is disgusting and a piece of trash. (And it wasn't me who expressed admiration for her!!!)

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the one that finally makes her get shunned?

Anonymous said...

She's repulsive. Look at her pictures and she's got an Adam's Apple!!! lol

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