Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Great moments in TV journalism

I saw this live yesterday on MSNBC and thankfully YouTube has it up so everyone can see it. Watch David Shuster (sitting in for Tucker Carlson) take Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee to lunch on the continuing GOP bullshit over that Moveon.org ad about Gen. Petraeus.

He notes that the "betrayus" pun was actually first used months ago by Rush Limbaugh about Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam War veteran who is opposed to the Iraq war, and asks her why there was no GOP "outrage" over that.

But the absolute best part is when he asks the congresswoman to name the last soldier from her district killed in Iraq. (It turns out it was an 18-year-old kid, no less.) And Shuster notes that when Blackburn can't even name him, she can go on "chapter and verse" about the Moveon ad and the New York Times.

Watch her stutter and stammer and then the icy glare she gives him at the end when he thanks her for coming on the program. Good stuff.

By the way, the highest rated show on MSNBC is Keith Olberman's left-leaning "Countdown." If MSNBC actually had some programming smarts, it might occur to them to give Shuster his own show too. He's not even a lefty, I've seen him hit Democrats hard. But at least he hasn't drunk the Kool-Aid on the war and the usual GOP craptacular talking points.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful to watch!

Anonymous said...

I love how she says EVERYONE is concerned about the Moveon ad. No we're not.

Anonymous said...

I know her. Believe it or not she's one of the leading lights among the politicians down here. Which is embarrassing. And now we give you Fred Thompson! lol

Anonymous said...

Damn, she went off on a b.s. ramble about how close she is to the military when she realized she was in trouble - you have to admit those congresspeople know how to speak and say nothing.

Unknown said...

Too bad Schuster was wrong about the person killed....he didnt live in her district....he had to apologize on air....

Figures msnbc would get the facts wrong.

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