Thursday, September 06, 2007

Classy as always

Ah, that George Bush, always doing us proud as he represents the U.S. in foreign lands,

In Australia, for an Asian Pacific conference, Mr. Sophistication once again showed the world the class and verbal skills that truly makes him leader of the free world:

"We're kicking ass," he told Mark Vaile on the tarmac after the Deputy Prime Minister inquired politely of the President's stopover in Iraq en route to Sydney.

I'm pretty sure FDR said something similar when he met with Churchill at Yalta.


Anonymous said...

Never mind the lack of class, how about the delusion? In what way can we possibly be said to be "kicking ass" in Iraq?

Anonymous said...

Where do you find those crazy pictures of him?

Anonymous said...

OMG is he dancing in that picture? lol

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