Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Autumn in New York

Actually, I'm not even sure if it is Autumn, but it was a beautiful day, and my friend "Velma" - who hates that name, but she does have certain Velma-like qualities - played hooky today (and if her boss is reading this, she was really sick in the morning but got miraculously better) and I spent a few hours in my park. Central. I figure, before the weather turns chilly, it's good to spend time there.

We stopped in at the CP Boathouse and had an amusing little Sauvignon Blanc.

The staff there is sort of surly. Well, not even surly, just not particularly friendly. They are all Romanian, for some reason, and I wonder if the CPB management knows how they stand around not being very helpful. I could see tourists come in, who were probably nervous just being in the park, the yokels, and didn't realize they were supposed to seat themselves at the outdoor tables. And God forbid the hostess would let them know. She just basically ignored them as they stood there.

They really should put up a Seat Yourself sign.

At least the girls working there were sort of cute. You know, Eastern Europe has become the new porn capital of the world - all the new porn stars come from there (so I hear).

There were also some ugly Americans visiting. Even in America, American tourists can be ugly. There was a family with a brat running around, screaming, turning over empty chairs, throwing crackers into the lake. Ugh.

Quite annoying as we tried to enjoy our delightul vino.


Anonymous said...

This is some #@%* life you got! :)

Anonymous said...

Damn that wine looks good. Did you have that whole basket??

Anonymous said...

The boathouse will be closed in a few months - so sad! :(

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