Tuesday, September 04, 2007


We've probably all had embarrassing or awkward conversations with our parents, but this has got to take the cake:

Two of Sen. Larry Craig's children said Tuesday they questioned him explicitly about ''what exactly happened in that bathroom'' where he was arrested in a sex sting and believe his assertions that he isn't gay.

Michael Craig said they asked their father about the June 11 incident at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, which led to the Idaho Republican's resignation last week after it became public, because ''we were shocked'' at media accounts of the incident, he said.


Among the questions he and his sister Shae Howell said they asked their father was ''what exactly happened in that bathroom,'' and they tried to ''break down definitions of what words mean,'' including semantic definitions of sex, Michael Craig said.

''Maybe it wasn't sexual intercourse, but were these sexual actions? Were there sexual feelings? All these terrible things that were said in the media, we asked all those tough questions,'' Michael Craig said. ''I don't want to have an answer based on a legality or technicality or semantics of the words. We wanted to know exactly what happened and after speaking to our dad, we know exactly what happened.''


The Craig story is a tough one. On one level, you have to enjoy it, because he is such a hypocrite. Not only a closeted gay senator, but one who went out of his way to continually vote against gay rights. Not to mention, the location of where he got busted and the whole foot-tapping thing is pretty funny.

On the other hand, someone of his generation, his career, and his place (Idaho), well, let's face it, he would not have been able to be elected dog catcher never mind senator if he had come out years ago.

And he's still denying it, maybe even to himself, so you have to feel a certain amount of compassion for someone who is so obviously fucked up in the head.

The root cause of the problem, of course - the closeting and the gay bashing and Craig and others like him having to cruise in airport bathrooms - is the Republican party's policy of demonizing gays.

Which is why this DC blogger who outs gay politicians who vote against gay rights is causing some terror in Congress these days. He says he has 33 names ready to go.

I hear Senators Lindsey Graham or Mitch McConnell might be the next shoes to drop.


Anonymous said...

OMG can you imagine how embarrassing that must have been? I would have died!

Anonymous said...

His kids were adopted, not that means it was any less embarassing I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I hate these hypocrites but you have to feel bad for their family!

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