Wednesday, August 08, 2007

That's a shame

It sounds like this morning's commute was a nightmare in the city because of the weather. One of my friends sent me the following sad sack tale:

It was the worst commute i've ever had.

went down to subway...i saw a lady passed out on the platform. paramedics tending to her.

so i stepped over her to rush down to the 4 ( just teasing)

i went back up to M86.....squeezed on. then to 1 train. which was working then.

i was dripping wet. No AC on the subway. I was absolutely wet.

You know, I had it tough too. I was low on milk and had to drink my coffee black as I stood at my window and watched the huddled masses on the streets far below.


Anonymous said...

I hate you! lol

Anonymous said...

It took me an hour to get into work today!!!

Anonymous said...

I had to wait for 3 buses to pass before I could get on, everyone was crowding on since the subways were down. Very unpleasant.

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