Thursday, August 02, 2007

Quite an interpretation

O.J. Simpson (guilty) is still trying to get accepted in public, but some of his appearances don't go quite as well as he would like. He recently did a show on some Internet radio station and, strangely enough, some of the callers weren't so friendly.

And for some reason the host seemed to be trying to pretend nothing was amiss:

One caller asked the former football player if he thought it was "a bigger feat to break 2,000 yards in one season or slice two necks in one night."

Simpson seemed not to hear the question, which interviewer Delaney reinterpreted for him as, "What was your biggest accomplishment, basically, in football?"

Ahh yeah, that's pretty much what the guy asked.

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Anonymous said...

Who would treat him as if he's just a regular football player??

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