Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ka-ching 2

I love my friends. Sometimes they are so naive and innocent.

I went to happy hour tonight with a bud who lives in my neighborhood, but he had to go back into work at about 10 pm for a project he's working on, which, of course, I can't actually talk about here.

Anyway, we hit a few places and, as we were wrapping it up, we were passing his street and he asked if I wanted a couple of Heineken mini-kegs he had sitting in his kitchen.

My ears literally pricked up and I think I might even have stuttered, "H-h-huh, what, what?"

He said the magic words: "I don't want them, I don't drink at home."

Well, fortunately I don't have that affliction, so my share of the entire night was $9, and for it I got a Blue Moon and a Guinness at the bars, and then the two Heiney mini kegs cans.

Four premium beers for a little bit more than two bucks each.

Good times.


Anonymous said...

Your friend doesn't drink at home? Is he religous or something?

But you friend doesn't mind tossing back a few then going back to work?

Maybe he drinks at work.

You should have a big, blow-out party at his house and watch him go batshit crazy as everyone is drinking, having a good time, except him.

Anonymous said...

Are those the ones people bring to partys??

Anonymous said...

Looove the Heinken! :)

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