Thursday, August 02, 2007

I like the way they think

As FBLA notes, Victoria's Secret decided to invite regular women to pose for pictures in their new "It" bra with supermodels Heidi Klum and Marisa Miller at one of their L.A. stores.

Yeah, I'm sure that's not at all intimidating for the average gal out there. Strip down to your undies and stand next to two of the hottest women in existence.

But kudos to the marketing genius who came up with this, because you know the women who do it are going to be outstanding.


Anonymous said...

Never!! lol

Anonymous said...

Is that really supposed to increase sales? I don't know anyone who would rush to a store to be photographed like that. I'm wondering if they would even think that for real?

Obob said...

in their world, everybody has the metabolism of a jackrabbit

Anonymous said...

I would probably do it as a joke but who would want to do it seriously?

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