Tuesday, August 14, 2007

As if you needed another reason

The world's oldest person just died in Japan at age 114.

"Stout-hearted even after age 100, Minagawa would drink some Japanese sake or other alcoholic beverage every day."

By the way, I once spent a delightful Sunday afternoon at Haru on Third Avenue (it was during one of those street fairs, and, really, how many tube socks can you look at.)

The place was empty, and the bartender gave me and my ex an impromptu lesson on sake, told us how Japaneses places tend to hire Americans as bar managers, revealed the location of a very exclusive and unmarked sushi place near Grand Central where Mick Jagger always eats when he comes to town - and let us know that warm sake, as it's commonly served in sushi places in the U.S., is not really the good stuff (it's heated to conceal that fact), and the expensive and better quality stuff is served chilled.

After multiple tastings of sake we stumbled out of the damn place at about 4 pm and went straight for some greasy Italian sausages at the street fair.


Anonymous said...

I luv sake but it gets me smashed! :)

Anonymous said...

Why aren't my comments going on? Which Haru did you go to? There are 2 of them across 76th Street from each other.

J said...

l.w.t. it was the Haru on the south side of the street. The one that's more of a bar than a restaurant. Go figure, huh.

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