Monday, July 09, 2007

Who are these people?

The headline is said in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice: Who are these people who insist on going jogging when it's approaching 100 degrees out there?

Seriously, what is wrong with them?

I took a little post-lunch stroll through the park today and I couldn't believe how many people were jogging, even though, at 3 pm, it was about 95 degrees.

I know some of you like to exercise, but that's really dumb. Half of them looked like they were going to collapse. Of course, even if it's a brisk 62 degrees, people who are running still look miserable. It does not seem like a happy hobby.

Because of the ridiculous heat, I almost passed on taking my stroll, even though it was leisurely and I stayed in the shade, but it's part of my new weight-loss regimen, which is a fantastic success.

I lost 16 pounds in the first month, and going for another 10 or so this month. I would love to tell you the secret of what I'm doing - it's very easy, doesn't cost anything, no special food or drinks to buy - but I was sworn to secrecy about it so I really can't.

And more importantly, one of my huskier friends reads Too Saucy, and I can't take the chance of him learning how to lose weight. One of the small pleasures I have is pointing out his huskiness, so the rest of you will have to do without the amazing secret too. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Oh you better spill that secret JBK. You can tell me in person or email it to me if you don't want to post it on the computer!!

Anonymous said...

Are you doing anorexia??? lol

Anonymous said...

look at JBK setting up a diet book...
Ok saucies.. time for a list of JBK's diet secrets...

1. replace the bread on your sandwich with Jack Daniels

2. Running through the park from those treacherous bumble bees

3. one hour of play wrestling with each of his 15 cats

4. 2 hours of daily pavement pounding in support of his Wesley Clark for President

5. dancing on the bar at mcfaddens instead of getting caught in a 3 hour long stare at girls half his age

.... i know i am forgetting a couple....

J said...

Ahh, my husky friend chimes in. I guess the crickets chirping down there in Hooterville were finally getting to him so he went for a little country humor.

Anonymous said...

hehe how about #6 - weight loss from dehydration by secretly weeping at the chick flicks he pretends to hate.

Anonymous said...

I was exhausted just by walking home from the subway tonight. I have no idea how anyone could go jogging when the weather is as hot as today was!!

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