Thursday, July 12, 2007


Well, Wednesday night was a bottle of wine, although I only had half (ok, maybe ¾) and then getting caught in a rain storm and running into a bar on Third Ave. and drinking tequila shots, then finishing up with some brandy no less, for some reason I still don't understand - and with only some lousy chicken fingers to eat - so may I just say: oy.

(By the way, why do people congregate in bars in downpours or snow storms or blackouts? What's up with that? Is that a Manhattan thing?)

But I'm going to go rest my eyes, because now I'm....


mai said...

blog hopping!


Not a hipster said...

People do that (congregate in bars) here in Minneapolis, too. Maybe because there's nothing better to do?

Anonymous said...

I think when something unusual happens, like a snowstorm or a blackout, people instinctively want to be around other people. For heavy rain - I think they just want to get out of the rain!!! lol

And its more fun to hang out in a bar to stay dry than to hang out in a supermarket or some place like that.

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