Monday, July 02, 2007

They're still around?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Video rental chain Blockbuster Inc. named on Monday James Keyes as its new chairman and chief executive to replace current CEO John Antioco.

Until I saw that item today, I had forgotten Blockbuster even existed. Between Netflix and the cable companies' VOD services, I don't know too many people who go to Blockbuster any more. Their two stores that were in my neighborhood both closed a few years ago. (I used to go to one of them, and I think I still owe about $4 in late fees. Sorry BB. That's probably why they're on their way to going out of business.)

But the Blockbuster saga shows how fast technology changes, when even a store that now rents only DVDs and video games still can't keep up with the times.

I'm guessing that the brick & mortar video stores will soon all go the way of those little one-hour photo developing places. There's a few hanging on, usually as booths inside a drug store, but with digital photography being the dominant force in the camera market today, do you know anyone who still gets film developed?


Anonymous said...

My father still uses film in his camera!!! lol

Anonymous said...

They tried to do the Netflix thing too but I don't understand that. If there is a store around where you live why would you use the mail system which takes a couple of days when you can pick a video up as soon as you want it in person.

Anonymous said...

The Blockbuster next to me closed a couple of years ago too but I still see their commercials sometimes on TV so I guess they're still around?

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