Monday, July 02, 2007

Smarter business plan than the iPhone launch

I just saw an ad in the Village Voice looking for bartenders for the Hawaiian Tropic bar/restaurant in Times Square.

I've never been there, figuring it's probably a bit of a tourist trap, but I may have to reconsider.

The ad says applicants should bring: "Valid Photo ID, Head Shot, Resume, Bikini and Heels."

Bikini and heels!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh yes, a bikini and heels, so comfortable I'm sure.

J said...

Listen my husky, large noggined, baldy friend, first of all, I'm glad to see you have got your talking points from RNC headquarters. Second of all, just from glancing over that list of Clinton pardons, they seemed pretty consistent with those that EVERY president issues. Unlike your Boy George, there were no pardons on it for an administration official who revealed the covert identity of a CIA agent as political payback against her husband who exposed the lies that led us into a disastrous war.

Anonymous said...

Is it a restaurant or a strip club????

Anonymous said...

I've been there. The girls are hot but it's not as sexy as you would think.

Anonymous said...

That place is a restaurant? I just bet the food is soooooo good!! lol

Anonymous said...


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