Monday, July 23, 2007

She taunts me

Well, it's nice to see Lindsay Lohan is really toughing it out in her court-mandated DUI penalty phase. Here she is at the Polaroid Beach House, one of those ridiculous, fully-loaded swank houses some of the big companies set up for those poor stars who don't have their own beach house and who, you know, couldn't afford one themselves. Or something.

And frequent Too Saucy commenter Not a Hipster recently wondered why 21 is the prefect age for a girl, by the way? Oy! (Although, her legs are looking a little chunky there, I have to admit. Maybe she should stick to showing off her upper body. I'm just saying.)


Anonymous said...

OMG you think her legs are fat?? what's wrong with guys??????

Anonymous said...

I like the thing around her ankle it's like the new fashion statement now in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Haha she got busted AGAIN!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's the angle she's standing at in this shot. I've seen pictures of her legs before and they usually look pretty good.

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