Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I love freebies. Send me free stuff. Thank you.

I don't know why, but things seem better when they're free, whether it's movie screenings, restaurant meals or drinks. A couple of weeks ago I got a coupon in the mail for a free Jamba Juice, so today I decided to cash it in and stopped by the store on Lex and 87th and got a 16 oz. Raspberry Rainbow with a protein booster.

Let me just say: yum. I took it on a walk, and I swear I could have done twice around Central Park instead of my customary once. Unlike some of my huskier friends who start panting as they walk to their car in the driveway.

Almost as good as free is when supermarkets misprice an item. Last week I bought a four-pack of Bartyles & Jaymes wine coolers, and I didn't notice until I got home that they had apparently entered the bar code wrong in the computer. The entire four-pack came out as 1@4 for $3.99 - they were charging what one bottle would cost for the entire four-pack, so I got the whole thing for $1.

I went right back and told them they had the bar code entered wrong in their system.

Haha, no, of course I went right back and bought three more four-packs.


Anonymous said...

heh nice score, it's usually the other way around for me - they charge me more than they're suppose to! lol

Not a hipster said...

Haha, I do the same thing. If I was undercharged, I go buy more. Is that bad?

Are you still watching Big Brother? I missed all the episodes last week and need an update.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, what supermarket do you go to? I'll go there and get 10 of those packs if they're still doing that! :)

J said...

lwt - I can not reveal my supermarket in case there's a sudden run on B&J, tipping them off that something is askew.

Not a Hipster, of course it's not wrong. Something that feels so good can't be wrong - hehe. Seriously, I woudn't do it if I thought the cashier was screwing up and it would come out of her pocket at the end of the night, but since the barcode is scanning as it's programmed, her drawer will balance, and they won't even know it's marked wrong. And, frankly, considering what they charge us for stuff like a gallon of milk, if we can recoup a little on wine coolers, well I say yay us!

As for BB - I keep forgetting to watch the CBS prime time version and I believe it's on 3 times a week this season. In fact, I think it's on tonight (Tuesday) so it might be a good time to catch up. I've been watching the BB After Dark airing on Showtime Too at midnight (east coast, your time may vary) and that's pretty good. Last night, Dick (the guy with the red spiky hair) got pissed at Jen, the large-chested "Beverly Hills nanny, 23" as they chyron her, when she called Danielle (who I just figured out is Dick's daughter) a slut because she's been flirting with one of the guys in the house even though she's got a boyfriend at home. He poured a glass of ice tea over her head - big drama - and was really verbally vicious to her for the rest of the night. If you have Showtime Too and get insomnia like me, check it out, it's a good way to catch up. Although I'm sure there are web sites and fan boards where all the dirt is exchanged.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever read the ingredients on a wine cooler? Its basically malt liquor! You're just drinking a better tasting Colt 45!!! lol

Anonymous said...

I watched it tonight. Did that guy actually say he was bringing his girlfriend to Barbados on the trip he won? His girlfriend?!?!? Oh yeah suuuuuure.

Unknown said...

I am surprised that you are drinking wine coolers....I thought you were a Jack and Coke man.

J said...

Drastic hot weather calls for drastic measures, Eric, my boy.

Not a hipster said...

I watched BB last night, so I think I'm a little more caught up now. We don't have Showtime, but I may have to get it now--I had the baby last week, and being up every 2 hours to feed her, I need something good to watch on TV.

Anonymous, that guy is very openly gay. He didn't mean an actual girl.

Anonymous said...

Wow congrats Not a Hipster!!! My sister is a new mommy too and she doesn't sleep too much so yeah you can catch up on a lot of stuff now!! lol

J said...

CONGRATS NOT A HIPSTER!! I forgot you were due sometime around now. I selfishly haven't been on other blogs lately (actually really not had time) only media sites, and the damn NYT didn't cover it! :) Boy or girl?

If you do get Showtime, make sure you get the multiple feeds, which if you have the digital package you should get, as BB After Dark is on Showtime Too (that's how they spell it) not the main Show channel.

I finally saw BB on CBS last night. I couldn't figure why they were all so mad at him taking the trip and cash? And yes, he is incredibly openly gay lol.

Anyway, most of all, again congrats on bringing a new little liberal (we hope:) into the world!

Anonymous said...

Not a Hipster congrats, you're going to be a great mom I can tell! :)

Not a hipster said...

Thanks, guys! There's a picture of her on my blog, it's the first post at the top.

JBK, I couldn't figure out why they were mad at him, either. Everyone kept saying Tameka could have taken the cash if he hadn't, but she didn't. She pledged her loyalty to winning for Jen. If she took the money, she wouldn't have won the veto.

So who cares if Joe took the money and trip? He was the head of household, they were HIS nominations, so he wouldn't have changed anything anyway even if he won. Stupid people.

Anonymous said...


(not that there's anything wrong with that)

J said...

That's an adorable baby Not a Hipster. I'm sure she will be happy there in Minn. under Sen. Franken! :)

And I see my husky friend has stirred enough to comment about wine coolers. He, of course, is the one I was talking about who gets out of breath as he heads to his car in another Pleasant Valley Sunday.

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