Monday, July 30, 2007

Douchebaggery at its best

The most annoying group of people in this country, except perhaps for the 24 percent or so of Americans who inexplicably tell pollsters they still think Boy George is doing a good job as President, are the production assistants who work on movie crews filming in public.

They strut around as if they are the shit, as if they are somehow actually important. And the highlight of their day, of course, is when they get to stop people from walking in an area where there's filming going on.

People who live in other parts of the country, where they maybe don't shoot a lot of films, will think I'm exaggerating or just being extra impatient, but ask any New Yorker and they will confirm: these douchebags are really, really annoying.

There was a crew in Central Park today filming by one of my favorite areas, that elm tree-lined promenade leading up to the lake, and one of these self-important fucktards was standing there telling everyone they had to go around because “We're filming here.”

I felt like saying, “Um, no, I don't have to go around,” because the dirty little secret is they have no authority to stop anyone from walking in a public area, film permit or not. They're not cops.

But I had no interest in ruining their shot, so I did indeed walk around, but what annoyed me is when I saw the tourists gaping at this twerp as if he was actually important.

Of course, these dopes make about 8 bucks an hour, and actually spend most of their days picking up the director's dry cleaning or running to Office Depot to get extra electrician's tape - but give them a fucking walkie talkie and a baseball cap and suddenly they think they're Spielberg.


Anonymous said...

The worst is when they film at night and they have their spotlights on all night long!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever see them when they're hanging around the trucks or the catering tables when they're on the street? That's when they are really obnoxious and start showing off.

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