Friday, July 13, 2007

Bring back the blind daters

I mentioned recently that my favorite Upper East Side restaurant, where I treat myself to a delightful dinner every Thursday, was apparently a rendezvous point for couples meeting on blind dates. There were three of them around me at the bar that time and I was forced to listen to their inane chatter as I tried to read my Daily News.

But all of a sudden, they don't seem so bad.

Last night two lawyers sat next to me at the bar and, I swear, they blathered on about their respective office's fucking dress codes for 20 minutes. They can wear this, they can't wear that, one refuses to go casual even on casual Fridays, one gave his assistant into trouble for wearing a sleeveless shirt.

Oy gevalt.

The things people find interesting.

On a positive note, the Long Island duck was amazing. I had dreams about it.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even know some places still had dress codes anymore lol

Anonymous said...

memphis a lot of places do. Ours isn't too bad, we're not allowed to wear ratty jeans and have to have collared shirts, but other than that it's pretty much anything.

Anonymous said...

It depends on what kind of company it is. Something like lawyers or finance probably have to dress in suits, but I work in advertising and unless you have a client meeting you can get away with a lot. Some people wear shorts in the summer.

Obob said...

Every night I bartend I get different conversations. From fellatio habits to golf courses to management styles in those places that require dress codes you mentioned, it makes me chuckle. Sitting at your neighborhood bar, resturant and enjoying the conversation in earshot costs only you bartab.

Anonymous said...

hah obob you don't know what jbk's bar tab is like!! :)

Anonymous said...

Which customers talk about fellatio habits Obob - the guys or the girls? lol

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