Monday, July 16, 2007

Brad Pitt threw that away...then again, look what he threw it for

Mondays tend to be a little blah, but today I actually had a nice start to the week.

I had a great lunch with an old boss in midtown, walked home through the park, and then my friend Velma came over after she got out of work and we enjoyed happy hour at Chez JBK with Louis Armstrong music, Bartyles & Jaymes wine coolers (Pomegrante Raspberry) and a fab sunset (granted, it's probably pollution over Jersey, but it always looks nice.)

Velma announced she is thinking of going back to school for a Masters and had all sorts of test booklets and college brochures she was studying. Now, let me just point out, this is a girl who loses interest about halfway through the TV Guide crossword puzzle, so I'm not sure a master's program is quite right for her, but, hey, stranger things have happened. Apparently George Bush got into Yale, so, who knows.

And then she insisted on watching “Rumor Has It.”


How do movies like this get made? Just terrible. And I actually like Jennifer Aniston as an actress. I thought she was very good in “Friends With Money” and “Derailed,” and pretty damn cute in “Along Came Polly.” And she was always clearly the best of the bunch in “Friends.” But this was just stupid.

The only positive in this movie is that there is a brief side view of her naked boobage in one scene. Gentlemen, if you ever get forced into watching it, get your remotes ready for that all-important freeze frame. Let me just say: they are real and they are spectacular.

Since this is a family blog, however, instead of that clip, which I know many of you pervs would like to see, here's a little Louis. Break open the B&J.


Anonymous said...

So mean!!! lol And I'm only thinking about it. The movie wasn't THAT bad by the way :)

Anonymous said...

I went back to school after taking 2 years off. It is tough, you've got so out of the whole studying & writing thing, but it was worth it, so go for it.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking of going to grad school too, but I don't know if I have the patience for it anymore. But it would probably be nicer than getting up to go to work every day:)

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