Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another "family values" Republican returns to work

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter returned to the Capitol Tuesday, dodging camera crews where possible and refusing to take reporters' questions about a sex scandal that sent him into seclusion for a week.

The first-term Republican said he wanted to resume his normal Senate schedule, but that proved difficult as news crews camped outside his office and chased him down hallways. Vitter, 46, has acknowledged ''a serious sin'' after his Washington telephone number was found among those called several years ago by an escort service that prosecutors say was a prostitution ring.

- AP

I'm sure the whole Republican family values crew was there to greet him with open arms. Probably some crystal meth too.


Anonymous said...

Who's the guy at the bottom? I can't read the writing on that screen?

Anonymous said...

That's unfair. Rudy was never really a family values preacher type.

Anonymous said...

Did you see his press conference with his wife? She looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that's only the tip of the hypocrite brigade!

Not a hipster said...

Jill G, the guy at the bottom is Mark Foley.

l.w.t, can you blame her? :) I wouldn't want to sit next to my husband while he admitted to something like that at a press conference. I can't imagine!

Anonymous said...

Mark Foley! LOL there's a name we havent heard in a few months! When is he going to pop up on Larry King? :)

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