Friday, June 08, 2007

That's some cold hard cash

"Representative William Jefferson, a Louisiana Democrat, pleaded not guilty today to federal charges that he solicited hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes while trying to arrange business deals in Africa...investigators have said they found $90,000 in cash in a freezer during a raid on his home in Washington."

I think I have about $90,000 worth of Omaha steaks in my freezer.

Seriously though, I know their lawyers probably advise them they have to call a press conference and proclaim innocence, but when 90 grand is found in your freezer, isn't it better just to say nothing.


Anonymous said...

Damn you have a lot of steak!

Anonymous said...

All that meat? I thought you loved animals? :)

Anonymous said...

JBK and Hypocrisy???

he loves animals, yet eats steak all day long (especially at phantom work lunches)

villifies questionable GOP behavior, yet makes light of one his own with 90k in the freezer.

proud Libby who voted for billionaire Bloomberg

is afraid of bees, but loves his cees and dees! (HEYYOOOOOOOO, somebody ring me a bell!!)

J said...

Listen my husky large-noggined friend, I at least feel guilty when I eat meat, not like you wolfing down a greasy cheesesteak like a ravenous hyena attacking a gazele or picking a piece of shrimp off the ground and cramming it in your gullet!

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